MartialTalk & FMATalk Meet and Greet 2008 in Niagara Falls!

…..Well the falls were absolutely beautiful and the family had a good time in Niagara.  If you have not been there anytime soon then you really owe it to yourself to go and check out Niagara Falls. 🙂

Tom Quinn teaching Aikido at this years Meet and Greet!

…..Now for the really good martial stuff that this blog is all about.  The 2008 combined MartialTalk and FMATalk Meet and Greet was absolutely a lot of fun for me.  My only complaint is that I was unable to stay for a long time.  However, I really had a good time meeting everyone there and enjoyed the hospitality of Bob Hubbard and Tim Hartman.  Watching Tom Quinn move during his teaching segment was really cool and you can see that he has had many years of Aikido practice and teaching.  As for my segment I focused on IRT Blade Point work and I think that everyone had a good time. (I know I did 🙂 )  This type of blade work is all about closing distance and using the point or countering and using the point though of course there is slashing and cutting involved as well.  Literally getting the point in and taking care of business is what it is all about.   Anyone who carries a blade should know legally what they can and cannot do in a lethal force encounter and also their local knife laws.  Keep that in mind before you ever carry one.   MartialTalk and FMATalk Meet and Greets are an excellent way to join and have camaraderie in the martial arts.  The Meet and Greets that I have taught at have been very enjoyable and meeting other practitioners with like minds and skill sets is a real treat.  If you can, make it out to a Meet and Greet in the future.

See You On The Mats!

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3 Responses to MartialTalk & FMATalk Meet and Greet 2008 in Niagara Falls!

  1. Mike Hamer says:

    Glad everything went well

  2. Terry Stoker says:

    Brian so sorry we was not there, I would ahve loved to be a part of the event. There is always next year. Glad it turned out great for everyone.

  3. Brian VanCise says:

    Thanks Mike and Terry it really was a very good time. 🙂

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