Brian R. VanCise At “The Gathering”


…..Okay so I taught at the end of “The Gathering” and since so much of what had been taught by the Grand Tuhon covered getting off line I decided to show a little A to B direct line blade work.  Now there are a lot of variables to good direct line work and I tried to cover several of them.  However to make this type of blade work effective you not only need to be extremely efficient with your body but also commit fully to what you are attempting to do.  When I go down a direct line with a blade I set up some very important safe guards.  These safe guards plus efficient body utilization aid to protect during the moment.  The Blade Lunging shown in the following video from “The Gathering” illustrates a few of these critical safe guards and body dynamics.  However, if you want to be good at this you need to practice quite a bit and learn to create the opportunity for this style of direct line blade work.  You also need training in those safe guards.  That way you can be safe!

Enjoy the video clip!


See You On The Mats!

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