Gift Of Traditional Martial Arts!


…..There is simply a lot to be said for training in the traditional martial arts.  Self Respect, Courtesy, Determination, Loyalty, etc.  In general the traditional arts help to cultivate and create a practitioner so that they grow and become a better person.  So recently it came to my attention of a new movie put out by Kyoshi Michael Coleman of the Genbukan.  Genbukan is a traditional organization headed by Soke Tanemura who resides and trains in Japan.  It has very old lineage from Japan’s feudal times and battlefield techniques from that period.  In the Genbukan they are very formal and traditional.  The movie Gift of Traditional Martial Arts was a good watch and I personally enjoyed watching it.  I think you would enjoy it as well.

Here is a promo clip:

You can order the DVD here: Gift of Traditional Martial Arts

I particularly liked the message of helping other people to grow and become better human being’s.  This resonates with me very well!  Even though I train and teach IRT which could be considered a modern art I am a traditionalist in many ways.

Hence our trademark: Ancient Origins – Modern Applications!(TM)

See You On The Mats!

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