So I Was Talking To A Friend…….

Head Shot

…..So I was talking to a friend the other day during a brief conversation.  We both were commenting on some recent break up’s in a few martial groups that we know.  Basically cutting to the chase, the people involved moved on and did not want to practice with each other anymore.  That is cool and not the issue.  What is the issue is that these groups motto was no politics, no ego, no drama, just train.  Unfortunately drama and politics reared it’s ugly head and walla they could no longer work together in these groups.  Now neither my friend or I are naive in that we have witnessed this a bunch of times.  So the break up is cool, that happens just don’t bad mouth the other guy and let them go their way.  However, when you are starting up an organization or getting a group to gether please don’t sell it as no politics, no ego, no drama and then have a lot of drama.  That is what really gets people ticked at you!  Especially when there is a lot of drama.  This seems to be some thing that happens in any martial arts group or any human group in general.  Way to much drama as one person does not like another person etc., etc.  I have had practitioner’s in the past push against another practitioner. (they did not care for each other)  My goal in that situation is simply to ride the line and train and teach.  You see I do not care for drama.  If person A does not like person B but they both train then hey my goal is to give them the best training that I can and let them work out their issues.  Truthfully this has worked well for me and usually they have become good friends over time. (you see they both have a common goal to get better in the Martial Sciences)  Folks life is too short to have issues and we only have enough time in the day to train and take care of all our other business.  So let the drama pass you buy and instead invest your time into your training.  You will not be sorry if you do!  So when drama comes just do your thing and concentrate on why you got into the Martial Sciences.  Improve your skill sets and do not worry about all of the crap that people some times do!

See You On The Mats!

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Brian R. VanCise

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