Physical, Mental and Spiritual Training!

In the Martial Sciences every system I have encountered attempts to create a training situation where the practitioner eventually combines the Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspects!  Typically there is a heavy and I do mean heavy dose on the physical side of training.  Most training consists of performing technique repetitively and learning new movement so that it eventually becomes a part of the practitioner.  In general most systems stay and continue to focus on the physical side almost to an exclusive level with mental image drills fitted in where appropriate.  Eventually if the practitioner is lucky they will have some  spiritual training at the higher levels.  In Instinctive Response Training we follow a similar method of training.  Initially a practitioner will experience that heavy dose of physical training coupled with some mental image exercises (meditation and visualization)  We also have some other moral compass guides which I think  is very important for character development and sets the stage for spiritual growth down the road.  As an IRT practitioner continues on in their training we introduce some very specific ways to develop their mental and spiritual sides.   Some of these include but are not limited to choosing the right path, ritualization and Personal Power Growth and psychic interpretation plus quite a bit more.   Nothing is outlandish but instead sound and practical with an emphasis on development.  You will find similar things in all athletic endeavors at the higher levels.  When a practitioner is training and that physical training is important it is essential that they understand and have the knowledge of what they are doing.  With knowledge and understanding over time they should develop faith in their skill sets.  Once faith is developed they can let go and enter the Instinctive Response in a moment of violence or crisis.  Hard physical training, knowledge and understanding, faith and eventually letting go!  Wow, it sounds so easy but…. well it simply is not!  One of the key ingredients that I promote in IRT is Ritualization.   Taking parts of your training and creating a pattern that allows for success and growth.  To give an example when I train and where a black uniform I always put it on in a similar manner right down to every detail.  This allows for me to create a situation where I get in the mood for hard physical training and create a pattern for growth!  Like wise if I am training outdoors and I put on BDU pants with combat boots look out.  Serious training is definitely the course for the day.  With a dose of pain and tolerance building.  During the course of training I have multiple opportunities to create a ritualistic pattern that can aid me to continue training at an optimal level.  This training can make you mentally strong and create growth on the spiritual side.  Ritualization on a very deep level is in my opinion a key ingredient for long-term practitioner growth!  There are quite a few different ways that we utilize it in IRT.  Those will be expanded upon in a book I am currently working on.  Along with Ritualization is another key ingredient and that is Personal Power Growth.  With Personal Power Growth a practitioner learns how to make the right choices for them based on any situation.  Personal Power Growth is a methodology of finding the answer that will let you grow and succeed in this life both as a practitioner and as a human being!  In relation to martial training it could be finding a way to continue your training irregardless of your schedule, location, etc.  Making sure that training blends with your life and does not consume it!   I can honestly say that one of the most important things I have  ever learned in the Martial Sciences was how to create a way to consistently make the right choices for myself and those around me.  Each decision that you make should allow you to grow and make another positive decision for your situation.  The more correct decisions that you make the easier that it becomes to continue on and grow and steamroll your development in Personal Power Growth.  Combining the two methodologies of Rituatlization and Personal Power Growth and  create a powerful method for creating mental and spiritual success in your martial training.  While I have not really delved very in-depth with any of our methods (those I will save for some e-books to come out in the near future)  You should be able to see that there is more to training than just the physical side in IRT.  In all of the Martial  Sciences it is essential that you train hard and diligently in the physical side.  Once that foundation is built the rest comes naturally over time.  So I always impress upon practitioners to concentrate on their studies, let things develop and seep in.  Over time if you have longevity then everything opens up and begins to make sense!  This is important to realize!  With time and serious training everything is possible.  Falter and well it will not be!  So if you plan on being a serious martial practitioner then step up, commit, seep in and flow!  Eventually, the world will be yours!

See You On The Mats!

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Brian R. VanCise

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Hi my name is Brian R. VanCise and my passion is the Martial Sciences. I have trained almost my entire life in the pursuit of martial excellence and I teach a world class curriculum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact us at: 702-326-3622
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6 Responses to Physical, Mental and Spiritual Training!

  1. Terry Foster says:

    Thanks Brian,
    I’m having the same feeling that I get when finished with a really good book, and feeling bummed because, I just want more.
    Let me know when the E-book comes out.

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey Terry,

    Glad you enjoyed the post. I will put out more later and of course the e-book is going well and should be out in 2011.


  3. Mike Hamer says:

    Once again, great read! I to cannot wait for the new e books

  4. Tim says:

    Very well said and very true.

  5. Brian VanCise says:

    Thanks Tim glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Matthew stoughton says:

    i think this was really cool

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