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Quite often when talking with someone for the first time about the Martial Sciences my background gets brought up.  This is particularly true if the other person is also a martial practitioner.  You see, people are curious about what we do and how it came about.  Instinctive Response Training is interesting and relatively new but…. not really!  When I first got into the Martial Sciences at a fairly young age my first few private lessons were with a teacher who practiced Tang Soo Do and Inosanto Blend Kali.  I only trained with him shortly before we (my parents and I) found an instructor who taught Modern Arnis and Tae Kwon Do.  This was my first blessing in the Martial Sciences because this teacher a Mr. Jeff Fields was truly fantastic at inspiring people.  Even better we had a core group of practitioners like Ian Kershaw, Joe Doris and Ken Blackburn. (and more of course)   Jeff Fields had a way of pushing people and making them better.  Rather soon after this beginning I was fortunate to attend a Remy Presas Modern Arnis seminar in Burton, Michigan.  The Professor as he was called by his students was a unique martial practitioner who developed Modern Arnis from his family system, Balintawak and a few more styles.  I was blessed to have met him, trained early on and then for a long time on and off making a seminar here and there as I grew into adulthood.  At roughly the same time I met Dan Inosanto and can remember going to his seminar at Michigan State University and training like crazy and enjoying myself so much that I would follow him from seminar to seminar throughout the midwest for quite a few years.  I then met Grand Master Eugene Humesky who took my training further and opened my eyes to the mental side of the Martial Sciences.  He has always supported me and has of course been a life long influence.   He was the first instructor to give me the authority to teach and with that the responsibility as well.  With a start like this is it any wonder that my martial background is diverse and also that I view the Martial Sciences that I teach as worldly martial practices?  After this I attended so many seminars on varying martial arts that it is hard to remember them all as well as attending Karate classes early in College, kickboxing, (quite a bit with a bunch of matches a  lot of wins) Wing Chun (briefly) and eventually achieving instructor/guro status and teaching at College.  Fate would have it that I would delve into the police Martial Sciences such as PPCT and Defensive Tactics, handcuffing and restraints, pressure points, etc. and a good dose of tournament matches too thrown in with a lightweight championship, regional and national status, etc.  Eventually I made my way into private and semi private training in the Bujinkan the system was initially taught via Hatsumi under the Togakure Ryu banner but then renamed to Budo Taijutsu.  This particular system opened my eyes to cunning, treachery, deception and always the need to have better tools and weaponry or surprise tactics over your opponent.  At roughly the same time I delved heavily in Brazilian Jiujitsu and was blessed and I mean this seriously to have trained early on with Harvey Berman at The Warrior Way when he was just getting under way.  Every month or so we would have Caique in for a training session or Rolker Gracie, Royce Gracie, etc.  It was so fantastic because you could train privately or in the group seminar.  This lineage from the Gracie family was instrumental and one only needs to look at the Martial Sciences and know that Helio Gracie affected them significantly in the late 21st century!  The Warrior Way in Walled Lake, Michigan is still in my opinion the finest Brazilian Jiujitsu Academy around and they have proven it over and over again.  The core group that trained during the day like Don Daly II, T.J. Yakabur, Fausto, etc. were and are phenomenal martial practitioners.  Over time I moved into firearms and tactical training and continue extensively in that area and that has a major part of what we do in IRT. (look for exciting things in the future)  What is funny as that all of my teachers that I have had have always been there for me and approved of what and how I practice the Martial Sciences.  Not one ever said to me to not explore.  Not one ever tried to hold me back or make their path mine.  All of them have supported and guided me through the years.  What a fantastic martial path this has been!  Through the years I have met even more great martial practitioners who influenced what we do dramatically  Brian “Buzz” Smith, Rich Parson, Nene Tortal, Dan Anderson, Mark O”Brien, Gurukkal, Mike Asuncion, Otto Cardew, Doron Navon, Bob Orlando, Shiraisi Sensei, Nagato Sensei, Oguri Sensei, Senou Sensei and of course Noguchi Sensei.  There have been a lot more but well  it is hard to remember everybody or keep this post as short as possible so forgive me if I have missed someone.  No one has stood by me more or been more influential in my pursuit of the Martial Sciences than my good friend Bart Uggucioni.  Bart just happens to be the finest martial practitioner that I know and someone who is also just as good a friend!  He is also incredibly humble too!  As I have moved around and taught through the years I have had some exceptional students that have influenced me more than they could ever know.  Ron Galaviz, Nzar Freijy, Pat Mayette, Tim Oommen, Kerry Krick, Gary Haffey, Tony Kirby, Brian Elliot, Jay Atchinson, Mike Hammer, Jose Prieto just to name a few.  The influence between instructor and student goes both ways when teaching I am always learning from other practitioners accomplishments and failures.  When they have an epiphany and share it with me it is some thing special.  So too in watching them grow I see their strengths and weakness and that too also in turn helps me in my own training.   So when I speak of Worldly Martial Science or Practice I mean just that.  There are simply way to many influences to not experience them.  Experiencing them does not of course mean that you will adopt them but instead as you practice you can over time find what is right for you!  A worldly martial practitioner can explore, practice, create, learn and always keep their Martial Science skills up!  Instinctive Response Training is a worldly martial practice!  The fundamentals allow you to go out and explore anything in the Martial Sciences.  They simply do not hold you back!  So when talking with other people this is usually what I try to convey.

No Limitations – No Absolutes! 

Live your martial path and practice on the edge!

Explore, Learn, and Create!

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Brian R. VanCise

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Hi my name is Brian R. VanCise and my passion is the Martial Sciences. I have trained almost my entire life in the pursuit of martial excellence and I teach a world class curriculum in Las Vegas, Nevada and my good friend Gary Haffey runs our IRT Training Hall in Alma, Michigan. View my website at: or Contact us at: 702-326-3622
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