The IRT Modern Martial Practitioner Blueprint!

One thing I have learned through over thirty years in the Martial Sciences is that you have to plan your personal development as a martial practitioner.  After roughly thirty or so revisions I came out with a Manual for Instinctive Response Practitioners in 2000!  The manual that IRT students utilize took quite a while to figure out and quite a while to work it so that it would be a guide for any practitioner.  This guide helps a practitioner on their path with their instructors to show a way to achieve goals in the Martial Sciences.  The IRT Manual is only available to practitioners studying with a qualified instructor.  It is not secretive by any means.  Meaning anyone could pick it up and it would not mean anything to them.  However, to a practitioner of Instinctive Response Training it shows a way, a path to achieve their goals.  I would not publish the manual online but give an idea of what a modern martial practitioner could use as a blueprint.  This is rough approximation of the IRT blueprint to being a serious martial practitioner in this century.

1.  You need to have an income or means of income or hard currency in hand

2.  You need to think and plan for emergencies and survival situations and have the   appropriate tools to implement your strategy. (ie. water, food, shelter, rope, knives, etc.)

3.  Everyone needs rudimentary hunting and fishing skill sets

4.  You need firearm training on multiple weapons

5.  You need extensive tool/weapon skill sets (think projectile, edged, blunt, etc.)

6.  You need empty hand skill sets that entail:

     A.  Weapon/Tool skill sets

     B.   Kicking skill sets

     C.   Hand Striking skill sets

     D.   Trapping Hand and Joint Locking skill sets

     E.    Grappling skill sets

7.   You need a strong belief in yourself

8.   You need to have faith in your training and skill sets

9.   You need to be able to see beyond the here and now!

There is more but….. hey I do not give everything out all at once.  No instead I expect people to not only learn from someone first hand but also to do research on their own!

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Brian R. VanCise

Note: This blog is opinion only and neither Instinctive Response Training LLC or Brian R. VanCise are responsible for any third party actions.

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