Army Combatives Training Woman Vs. Man

I thought this video was great.  Though I am not surprised at all because I have personally seen well trained woman handle men that were bigger and stronger!  Enjoy this clip from

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2 Responses to Army Combatives Training Woman Vs. Man

  1. Tim says:


    I am not saying that this was not the case in the clip based on the circumstances “Army Combative” but I feel a well-trained woman has an advantage over a male in many MA situations due to the male wither underestimating her because he is up against a female or because males growing up (at least my generation) were always told to never hit a female. I made this mistake sparing an Aikido person that was a woman a few years back and she slammed me into the floor with great easy and efficiency and to be honest I thought it was mighty cool and a good lesson learned. I also learned a respect for Aikido that day that I did not have prior to my body hitting the floor 🙂

    But that video has got me thinking that I would really like to work some BJJ people using my Taijiquan. I would likely get my butt kicked at first but it would be great training in learning how to follow, stick, redirect and absorb.

    Thanks for that clip Brian

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Tim!

    I also feel that a well trained woman can handle her own and yes there is a psychological
    advantage if they utilize the element of surprise efficiently!

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