Jose Prieto Back In The Cage!

Jose Prieto will be returning to the cage this weekend up in Gladwin, Michigan.  This time around he is taking on Andy Collins.  Jose is a multi-dimensional cage fighter based on his training in Instinctive Response Training and also at Spyder Submissions.  He can stand up and strike with power or go to the ground and submit opponents.  In the past he has held an Amature MMA Title in Michigan and will do so in the future but is looking to go pro.   He will be accompanied up north by Brett Sharbadella and also with veteran MMA fighter Nate Durnell. (Nate is stepping into the cage as well)  Nate has a long history of training and competing and it is my good fortune to know him and helped train him a little bit way back in the day.  Nate also represents and fights out of Spyder Submissions.  Good luck Jose and Nate!  I know both of you will do well and represent!

Brian R. VanCise

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