The Last Master of Chen Taiji Quan

Back Hand

Documentary on Chen Village and Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang

Brian R. VanCise

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6 Responses to The Last Master of Chen Taiji Quan

  1. Tim says:

    My Yang Taijiquan sifu was a student of Tung Ying Chieh and has been doing nothing but Yang style Taijiquan for 60 years and he is entirely unimpressed by most people doing taijiquan today. However he is extremely impressed by Chen Xiaowang (another that impresses him is Chen Zhenglei)

    Sadly the title “The Last Master of Chen Taijiquan” may be fairly accurate. Although the 20th generation is not bad they do not seem to have the skill and understanding of the 19th so when the 19th is gone, and they are pretty much in there 60s and 70s, there may be no more “masters” of Chen Taijiquan.

    Chen Xiaowang (68yrs old) is 19th generation Chen family taijiquan and the current head of Chen family Taijiquan.

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey Tim,

    That is very interesting! I hope that they find someone who can continue to pass on the training at the highest level. I will cross my fingers.

  3. Tim says:

    There are a couple in the 20th generation that have the potential but the majority seem to be doing Chen taijiquan forms and Sanda (Government Sanshou) for fighting. Kind of like what Shaolin is today

  4. Brian VanCise says:

    That would be really cool to watch. I will have to look and see if there is a live satellite feed.

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