Trigger Time TV…….

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This is one of my favorite shows.  It rates right up there with TopShot in my book.  In airs regularly on the Pursuit Channel which is part of the sportsman package on Direct TV, Dish, etc.  Most shows are geared towards hunting and fishing.  I actually come from a family of outdoorsmen and sportsmen and while a little has been lost along the way I still am pretty outdoorsy.  The old saying by Jeff Foxworthy…. you must be a redneck if……. still pertains a little bit to me.  Anyways you do not have to be a redneck to appreciate this show.  Anyone interested in firearms will quickly find some new useful information as well as information that will reinforce what they already know.  Multiple methodologies are presented on a wide range of firearm platforms.  It really is an interesting show!

Here is a sample clip:

If you get a chance check out some of their episodes!

Brian R. VanCise

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