Okay Fo Fo Crap Is Just That, Crap…….

Close Up Angled Elbow Posterized

Okay fo fo crap is just that, crap and utter rubbish in the martial arts world.  I do not know why some people go this route in their training.  Maybe they want to be jedi’s or to think they are super human.  However, no touch knockouts and no touch throws is out right ridiculous to rely on as a means of self-defense.  I mean really ridiculous when we already have proven, reliable self-defense methods out there.  Now do not get me wrong I do believe in some meta-physical skill sets.  Like intuition, energy absorption, personal manipulation, etc.  I just have never met one no touch knockout or no touch throw person who could actually make their stuff work against people who were not there students.  This does not matter what system they have come from whether it was from Asia, America, South America, Europe, etc.  The following video clips are from the martial system of Systema.  I actually like Systema as a martial system and have friends who train in it and the ones I have worked out with are grounded and train with realism.  However, some Systema instructors have fallen into what I call “The Trap” or believing in their own hype which ultimately leads to some self delusion.  If you practice Systema this is not a knock on you or the system but instead on the individual’s pushing fo fo martial no touch crap.   Even the individual in these clips moves well and when doing real martial techniques has some skill.  Just the no touch crap is utter rubbish and some thing that diminishes all martial practice.  Particularly in the eyes of non-martial practitioners.   Do not be the martial practitioner that falls for these self-hypnosis gimmicks.  No one can throw you or knock you out without actually touching you.




You can see how real martial training is merged in with this stuff.  This is part of the process of training their students to a level where they have a form of hypnosis on them.  They get them to buy in and once they are hooked they move on to the “no touch” crap.

Now I have mentioned in other posts such as :



The $10,000 challenge still stands.  You just have to have $10,000 of your own and if you can manipulate me or knock me out with a “no touch” and I do mean no touch.  Then you can have $10,000.  We will of course have independent scientists there to evaluate us and your failure.  So far I have not had one taker.  I wonder why!  $10,000 is a lot of money but hey if you can do it go for it!  I would love the fun of the adventure and the realization on some ones face as their no touch technique fails and they hopefully then realize how they have fooled people and been fooled themselves!

Brian R. VanCise

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3 Responses to Okay Fo Fo Crap Is Just That, Crap…….

  1. Tim says:

    I saw that in systema as well and I have a lot of respect for much of systema but the no touch stuff always gets the same response form me in reference to the one doing the no touch knockout…they have successfully taught their students how to fall down on cue.

    There was a story Dr. Yang told once about a guy that came to his school, when it was in Boston, to demo this no touch stuff; to make a long story short he ended up telling the guy he was a fake and kicked him out of his school

    As for the $10,000 challenge, you may want to see this video first and then think about it


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