Life Is What You Make Of It……..


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Life is what you make of it.  This is very, very true.  Some people insist on being miserable while other people are almost always happy.  Personally I tend to be that almost always happy person.  I always try to look for the good in any situation and if I am having a tough time I look for a solution to make it better.  This has really served me well in my martial training because even when I am tired before or after a workout I see the positives and move forward.  It could be that I see that heavy bag sitting there and think wow that looks like it needs some kicking.  I might see the wooden dummy standing there and immediately I think trapping and locking time.  Or I might have that total burn from an unbelievable workout and just feel exhausted and so typically I think to myself, “hey it is time for some powerade or Gatorade.”  Bottom line even when I have had an injury I find a way to turn it into a positive.   When I  blew my knee out in Brazilian Jiujitsu I did not go into a ball and not practice.  No, I showed up for every class like usual but I did everything slow motion and careful not to bother my knee. (all while wearing a gigantic brace I might add)  I worked around my injury for six months and you know what.  In six months when it was healed I was a much better grappler than before!  Life is simply to short to be down.  If you have lemons make some lemonade and enjoy it!  A positive outlook never hurt anyone.


Brian R. VanCise

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Hi my name is Brian R. VanCise and my passion is the Martial Sciences. I have trained almost my entire life in the pursuit of martial excellence and I teach a world class curriculum in Las Vegas, Nevada and my good friend Gary Haffey runs our IRT Training Hall in Alma, Michigan. View my website at: or Contact us at: 702-326-3622
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2 Responses to Life Is What You Make Of It……..

  1. Tim says:

    I tend to look at it this way; as long as you can get up one more time than you fall down your doing ok

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