Scary Real World Knife Violence…..

shank or shiv 1

The following two video clips were put together by ICCS Krav Maga.  They depict some very brutal real world knife violence caught on camera.  I would not watch them if you are squeamish.  This is not to glorify in any way what occurred but instead to show people how real world knife violence happens.

If you notice most of the attackers utilized an ambush style where the person did not see the knife until it was too late.  Always be aware of your surroundings, keep you personal space intact and watch for dangerous clues that might be out there.  I always advise people to watch where people have their hands, how they might be acting.  Most people typically do not walk around with their hands in a coat pocket or behind their back.  Those are two very important visual cues you can immediately spot.  The following video clip made by a Law Enforcement Officer shows cues that we as humans do subconsciously or without thought.

If you do not think real world violence can happen near you.  Think again as these two incidents just happened this morning in Vegas:

Wherever you live violence can potentially happen.  Please look at your local crime reports!

Stay vigilant, be prepared and most importantly stay safe!


See You On The Mats!

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1 Response to Scary Real World Knife Violence…..

  1. stlcounterpoint says:

    I’ve seen those. Super brutal but necessary to watch if knife fighting myths pop up.

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