Knife Violence……… As With All Violence You Are Probably On Your Own!



Knife violence……… as with all violence you are probably on your own!  What does that mean?  More than likely if someone attacks you or your loved ones help won’t probably be there for a bit.  Your going to have to deal with the situation and if you do not train you are reducing your chances.

The following videos shows a confrontation at a train station.  Nobody helps for quite awhile, heck one guy videos it. (though according to police he eventually pulls the attacker off)    Pretty disturbing video and if you do not want to see someone get cut do not watch!

live leak link:

Hey bro you want me to pull him off says the guy video taping the altercation.  After he has been cut and stabbed a few times.  The point of this video clip is that you are more than likely on your own in your personal protection at least for awhile.  I hope the person cut was not hurt to bad and can recover.

Now if the guy just new how to reguard or bump and roll he would have been in a better position to either sweep, control the stabber or he would have moved into a dominant position. (this of course would have had to happen early on before the knife)  Once the knife is out and the other person is mounted you better try to get a hand or two on his knife hand for control and immediately bump and roll, then pin that knife wielding arm, hit him and get up and out of there or draw your tool/weapon if the perpetrator runs after you.

Real violence is nasty.  Really nasty and actually quite often a lot dirtier and nastier than even the video we saw above.

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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3 Responses to Knife Violence……… As With All Violence You Are Probably On Your Own!

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  2. Patrick Myers says:

    Having been a police officer for almost 14 years, I can personally say that real violence is often fast, nasty, ugly, and at times horribly brutal. Love it when you post videos of real violent encounters.

  3. Thanks Patrick,

    I think it is so important for people interested in self-defense and personal protection to see violence and work to understand just how brutal, fast and ugly it can be. Thanks again for stopping by!

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