Making A Change In A Moment Of Violence…….

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Making a change in a moment of violence.  What does this mean?  If you are in a violent situation and for whatever reason you become tied up in any position.  Ie. opponent grabbing your hands, clinch, etc.  Generally, whoever makes a change in that moment moving from what they were doing to some thing else will have a tremendous advantage.  I can remember once in a handcuffing situation having someone in an armbar and when they started resisting I went into a leg destruction on the back side of their knee to place them on the ground.  The sudden change from struggling with the armbar to the leg destruction totally through them off and the mission was accomplished quickly after that.  Your martial repertoire needs to be extensive enough so that when one thing doesn’t work you can immediately go to some thing else.  When tied up “make the change” and be the one to move to some thing else that will work and catch your opponent off-balance both physically and mentally.  Drive this into your training so that you practice having difficulty and then move into some thing else.  This could be the one factor that may allow you to survive in a moment of violence!

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Brian R. VanCise

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