Silat In Las Vegas?

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I get asked regularly if not weekly about who is teaching Silat and similar South East Asian Martial Systems in Las Vegas.  Specifically systems that have that Silat base from either Indonesia, Malaysia or the Southern Philippines.  Needless to say there are not many.  It is definitely a minority among all the martial systems that are here in Las Vegas.  First with Joshua van Asakinda out of Vegas for the moment there really are not that many.  Silat is very under represented here in Las Vegas!

Frank Monsalave has extensive experience in Pukulan Pentjak Silat among other things and he teaches his system of Hurricane Combat Arts.  Frank teaches a blend of martial systems.

Then there is myself as my background does not only have Filipino Martial Arts in it but also some serious Silat and Kuntaw.  I also teach a unique blend of martial systems.

After that it get’s pretty slim with maybe a few Jeet Kune Do instructors with a little Silat training.  Hard to tell how much they know.

When Joshua Van Asakinda is back in Vegas in a few years we will then have his unique Cimande Pencak Silat back in Vegas.  Until then it is pretty bare.  Which is amazing considering Vegas is really the Mecca of the Martial Arts World.  We really do represent well in almost every other category and particularly in MMA or Mixed Martial Arts.

If someone knows of somebody not on my list then please let me know and I will include them.

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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6 Responses to Silat In Las Vegas?

  1. Hi Brian, Garis Paksi will organize Pencak Silat Camp in February 2015 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. You may visit for more details. Salam! 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting about your camp here. It looks like a wonderful training opportunity! Salam!

  3. I am thinking about it as i live in vegas half the time and malaysia …And i thought were an i gone to train silat in vegas ..The guys here in malaysia say you should open your own thing there.I always say do you think i trained enough here …There is so much to get through here
    ….I been learning this in malaysia from a few different instructors …

  4. Hey Eddie, would love to meet with you some time and talk or train. Stop by the Las Vegas Martial Arts Academy or contact me by email here: and we can do some private training/talking, etc.

    • edward monaghan says:

      Im certified now from malaysia to teach in the USA …But i do not think i am good enough yet …Ill just keep training here in malaysia …So i been doing mostly silat harimau berantai with jak othman and some training with his student guru wan yusmar …Then were i started at silat seni cula simanjakini with master han tok cindai ,that style is related to gayong ….Then i got a taste of other silat styles in seminars here … silat betawi and silat panglipor …Very interesting learning this in malaysia ….So ya one day in the future ill stop by your dojo guru brian …

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