Where Is The Best Place To Train At? A Garage, Park, YMCA, Commerical School, etc?

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Where is the best place to train?  I get this question every once in a while when someone is asking where they should go to train.  Usually the conversation might go like this: Hey I heard about this person who teaches but it is out of their garage, park, etc.  Would that be a good place to train?  Here is the thing, it doesn’t matter where you train just that you train.  If you want physical skills that allow you to progress and potentially protect yourself in a moment of violence where you train is not important!  Just that you train and train regularly.  So training in a park, commercial school, Training Hall, garage, YMCA, etc. is not important.  You actually can get good training in all of those places provided that the instructor is good! (that is the most important factor)  Growing up I started in someone’s garage with private lessons and quickly moved into another instructors commercial school due to travel distance.  Both were great opportunities at training.  Later I trained in parks, Training Halls, garages, basements, etc.  All of which were very important in my martial growth.  While I love the feel of a meticulously clean, matted Training Hall nothing and I mean absolutely nothing can replace the down and dirty grittiness of a garage and or park.  So if you have the opportunity train in any environment and adapt.  That can only help you in a moment of violence.  Adaptation is after all a key for success in personal protection.  Right out of the IRT Manual I state that “The World” is our Training Hall.”  Train everywhere, anywhere and at any time and you will see amazing results!

Here is a photo of Dan Inosanto’s backyard school:

Inosanto Gym circa 1970's

My good friend Bart Uguccioni ran the world-famous Dexter Bujinkan Dojo out of his pole barn for year’s.  Some of the best training ever was conducted in this building:


The old Training Hall in Alma, Michigan was a great place to train:


Here is a Kalari Training Hall for Kalaripayattu: in southern India


Here is the Budokan in Kashiwa:


Here is the Old Hombu Dojo in Noda:


Here is a Girl Scout grounds where we used to train:

Six Foot Stick Intensive 009 for TIE

Here is a field we trained archery in:


As you can see training can happen anywhere!  You should train everywhere from a matted Training Hall to a concrete parking lot, to a back alley, to a local park, to your or someone else’s garage.  It doesn’t matter where you train just that you train!

In Las Vegas I regularly train in local parks, my garage and the Las Vegas Martial Arts Academy.  Basically I train anywhere and have also trained while out here in Death Valley, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, Colorado River, Lake Mead, Lake Las Vegas and the list goes on.  So get out there and train!

See You Anywhere To Train!

Brian R. VanCise

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2 Responses to Where Is The Best Place To Train At? A Garage, Park, YMCA, Commerical School, etc?

  1. Tim says:

    Great post Brian and I fully agree, doesn’t so much matter where, but it does matter how

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