Kang Cecep Rahman Teaching In Ireland!

The Raid II

Kang Cecap Rahman in Dublin teaching.  IRT practitioner’s will note he is teaching and showing what we call our High/Low Takedown mid way through.  Notice the details that he is emphasizing.

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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3 Responses to Kang Cecep Rahman Teaching In Ireland!

  1. Tim says:

    I liked that, but then I like Malay and Filipino arts, although I never trained any. I like the no nonsense, direct approach of them. Also that first application he did looks similar to an application from Xingyiquan that is what I call a reverse Hengquan (Crossing Fist)

    Thanks for posting the video

  2. Hey Tim, glad you liked it. I enjoyed this video as well. Cecap Rahman moves very, very well and there is little wonder that you see similarities with what you do in Xingyiquan as Xingyiquan was one of the precursors to some Silat and Kuntao styles.

  3. Tim says:

    Really, I did not know that. Could be why I like the look of Silat

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