Magic, illusion, deceit and treachery…….

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Magic, illusion or the art of misdirection and flat out deceit.  Every once in a while I have to utilize this skill set so that someone else will see what they want and not what is really happening.  In the real world the above can become very important in a certain moment.  We as human’s typically can be poor at observing.  Observing someone is a very fine skill that as a martial practitioner we should constantly work on.  Checking out where someone’s hands are, what they are doing, wearing, etc.  All of that is essential in perfecting the craft of awareness.  Which also leads us into being deceptive, using misdirection, illusion or magic.  When you understand how to observe and how we humans observe things you can in turn if you have to fool someone with misdirection, deceit and it will feel like magic.  Once in a while I have to present an image, make an item disappear, etc. so that my life is not impacted negatively or financially or to off-balance someone.  Through the years I have become very good at this.  I had an occasion the other day where I presented an image to someone, utilized some misdirection and of course was able to fool this person.  They were no wiser of the situation.  I utilize misdirection and deceit during sparring as well.  So much so because I do not want my opponent to have their defenses set or I wish to have them off-balance or frozen so that I can accomplish my goal.  To the unobservant or novice what happens appears magical but if you know what is going on it is simply deceit and misdirection.   These are real world skills.  Ones that can really make a difference in a potential violent encounter.  Ones that may very well save you some grief or your very life!

Be aware, be vigilant, observe and understand!

Brian R. VanCise

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