17 Year Old Girl In San Jose Shot…

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I am really thankful that the young woman in the following story is okay. However, we can look at what happened and in hind sight we can say that it would have been better if she would have reported this theft to the police rather than following her stolen car.  A car or any personal property is not worth risking your life for.  In modern times we all have insurance whether it is car insurance, home owners insurance, etc.  If someone is stealing some property of mine I will not escalate the situation by placing myself into a potentially violent situation.  No instead, let them have it.  Report it, collect the insurance and stay safe.  This is just plain common sense!

Here is the story:

17 Year Old Girl Shot In San Jose

Now, in regards to personal protection and self-defense if I feel my life, my families lives or friends are in danger then I will act if and when appropriate.  Yet for property, no I will pass on that!

Thanks Steven for giving me this story so that we can educate people!

See You On The Edge!

Brian R. VanCise

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