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Mental strength is a major component in surviving a violent moment.  You have to be strong mentally during any moment of violence.  People with no training have survived while attacked because they were mentally strong.  They had a will to survive.  They wanted to get back to their family and they persevered!  So how did they achieve this mental strength?  Well, you don’t have to train for it though of course that can help, a lot!  What you do have to do though, is decide before hand that you are valuable and you want to be a survivor.  That is it!  That is the first and most important step.

It really in the end is that simple!  You have to give yourself permission to protect you and your loved ones.  That your worth in this world, validates you protecting yourself!  This is one of the critical elements in developing your mental strength.  The other is adversity in life and the willingness and ability to deal with it.  No one’s life is a rose garden.  We all have issues and problems that we have to deal with.  So, cultivate your skill in dealing with adversity and overcoming it.  This will in time make you mentally strong and able to deal with a moment of violence.  Reflect on your accomplishments in dealing with life’s adversities and how you overcame them.  This will fortify you for that one or two times in your life when you have to use violence to defend yourself or your loved ones!

Your mental strength will go a long way in determining your success or failure in a moment of personal protection!  Give yourself permission, cultivate it and you will not be disappointed!

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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