Should I Throw a Tool?


     Okay I have an opponent at a distance and I have a tool that could impact the outcome of the situation.  Should I throw it?  Well if it gives you time to get away or time to close the distance in an advantageous position then throwing it might be good.  However, I would probably only throw a tool if I have a back up tool to then deploy and utilize.  Whether it be a knife, tomahawk, shaken or any pointy object, heck you could even throw a stick and gain an advantage if you are fortunate.  Throwing skills are viable provided you have a plan.  If I was confronted by an attacker who wanted my wallet well I would give it to them it is just property after all.  However, I might throw it to them or at them and then run out of there if I thought it would give me an advantage. (that definately could vary)  If someone broke into my house and I had a knife in my hand I might throw it at them if I thought they were going to harm my loved ones or myself.  However you can bet I would have a back up tool being deployed as I closed the distance.  When throwing something you are trying to gain an advantage.  What advantage you gain, time, space, distraction, etc.  will vary with each situation.  Can it be useful?  Well yes it can.  Would I do it without having another tool to deploy?  Well no unless I did not have a choice. ie; someone about to attack my kid and I cannot get their fast enough.  You see there are simply no absolutes!

In the Martial Sciences there are Simply No Absolutes!

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Brian R. VanCise

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