IRT Tactical Firearms!

When I was recently back in Michigan teaching the Empty Hand Grappling and Grappling With Weapons Seminar I spent quite quite a bit of time on the IRT Draw Point Technology in our system.  This is geared towards bringing out a tool/weapon in a self defense situation that warrants its usage.  It is and can be utilized with kubotons, mini sticks, pen, folding knives, fixed knives, hand guns, etc.  It is a cornerstone of our Martial Science training and IRT Tactical Firearms training.  Lately I have spent a lot of time out here in the west with a few friends that are firearms instructors.  The training has been very good and they have helped me improve in certain areas.  Firearms are a modern tool that personally I think every martial practitioner should be familiar with.  Your training should include but not be limited to: Rifle, shot gun and handguns!  You also need to spend time and learn firearm tactics that will give you a better chance in a moment of extreme violence!  With the modern invention of airsoft you can realistically set up solid training that allows for force on force. (ie. practitioner’s going against each other with airsoft trainers)  The other day I had the opportunity to do some house clearing utilizing airsoft and it was some exceptional training. (highly recommended)  The other advantage with airsoft is that you can set up a range at your Training Hall and practice and ingrain fundamental basics such as isoceles stances, weaver stance, modified weaver, double tap,  tap, rack, bang, etc. See the video below:

So modern Airsoft training is a very good way to build fundamental basics and safety training.  Of coure then you need to go to the range and work through a variety of basic fundamental skill sets with your choice of rifle, shotgun and handgun.  Personally, I believe every martial practitoner needs to work with hand gun, shotgun, AR15/M4 and a bolt action rifle. (ad an AK47 in there as well but not quite as important as the others)  This gives you a well rounded approach to firearm usage.  This combined with tactical skill sets for concealed carry, drawing, firearm retention in hand to hand, room clearing, etc.  Consider these skill sets basic skills that you need to know and should be training in!  The IRT Tactical Firearm training consists of basic fundamental skill sets repeated over and over again so that they are insgrained into the instinctive response!  Beyond working in IRT practitioners need to also seek out qualified firearms instructors for more training.  That is what all good Martial Science training is about!

See You On The Mats!

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4 Responses to IRT Tactical Firearms!

  1. Branden Wyke says:

    Nice video! I like that it’s set up for all those different handgun platforms. Are these the guys you train with?

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Hi Branden,

    That is a great video. Clint Smith is an excellent teacher and presents his material very, very well. I have not however had the opportunity to train with him yet. (but I plan to in the very near future) His presentation here shows just how simple it is to get a firearm back to operating status. No complexity! There are just like martial systems quite a few great firearm instructors out there. You just have to find the right ones for you and sift just like in the martial arena through the less than qualified instructors. I have actually had the opportunity to work with quite a few different instructors from my Police Academy days through work in the field and personal friends who are even more qualified than many instructors out there. In IRT I focus primarily with airsoft at this point due to safety and liability and the ability to conduct force on force training. However, I am always willing to go out shooting with friends and if I can help them I will! Down the road I plan to take it quite a bit farther!

  3. Brian VanCise says:

    I like both but airsoft is a cheaper easily available alternative.

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