Profesional, Amature and International MMA

Jose “Kombat” Prieto

MMA has taken off around the globe.  It really is unreal how many events are going on across the globe on any given weekend.   The big time pro events like the UFC and others have taken off and have surpassed boxing and all other combative sports.  What makes it so successful is that it is an enjoyable sport to watch from a spectators point of view!  The level of the fighters went from mildly okay twenty years ago to a level now that is simply fantastic.  MMA fighter’s are some of the finest conditioned athletes in the world.  Now I was watching Legends Fighting Championship II the other day.  This event was held over in Asia and featured Thai, New Zealand, Australian, Chinese and Indian fighter’s.  It was an excellent event with some pretty high level MMA fights.  While watching though I noticed that some of the fighter’s had mediocre ground defense.  Meaning they did not necessarily know how to defend fairly basic submission moves.  This is an area that I feel all MMA fighter’s would do better improve upon.  When your defense whether standing or on the ground is strong you can quite often survive in a situation and continue on.  Funny thing is this same thing applies to people interested in personal defense!  Quite often we as human’s like to work on the exciting things and also particularly the offensive side.  Whether you are in MMA or not working on your personal defensive skill sets defense is very, very important!

One thing is for sure if you are interested in watching MMA you have a lot of opportunity from Amature to Professional!   Just the other night Jose “Kombat” Prieto and David Lee Hamp were ring side commentators at a Michigan amature match held at Maxfield’s in Edmore.  Here is the link to some Michigan amature MMA fighting:

I like watching amature fights almost as much as high level professional matches because you see some interesting movement and some serious mix matches!  So get out and check out some matches and you may enjoy it a bunch!

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