The Tueller Drill — Scenario 21 Foot Drill

Handgun Picture

The Tueller Drill — Scenario

Bottom line gun’s and knives in the hand of a committed person are very, very dangerous.  A while ago we did the same drill with a young person running with a training knife and the firearm person with a airsoft handgun simulator.  Within 21 feet the young knife person got there every time.  However, when we added movement sideways or backwards on an angle the firearm person had shots on center every time.  Movement is essential as pointed out in the Best Defense clip.  Add obstacles in the mix and you are in even better shape!

Now the Tueller Drill pressuposes that the firearm person has their handgun holstered.  If that disadvantage is changed and the handgun or any firearm is out and in the hands of the firearm person then everything changes!

Brian R. VanCise

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