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The other day I had a friend in from California who is a long time Silat practitioner. (ie. he is a guru with his own students)  We were training and sharing ideas, thoughts and parts of our systems.  In training with him I really enjoyed some of his high line movement. (not that the low line was not good too)  Particularly his secondary hand movement.  He has a really slick way of always being in the right position.  While we were training he kept commenting on how aggressive my lower leg work was.  In IRT I have a pretty dominant, alpha male style of teaching lower Leg Destructions.  Meaning we employ an aggressive, bone breaking in your face style of lower leg movement.  The consistent shin bone contact whether on the front, side or back is not really for the faint at heart.  My personal philosophy is that if I am running the gauntlet on the high line (ie. punch, elbow, etc.) then I want to not only hit them high but aggressively attack their low line. I want to bring the pain in a big way.   Since I believe we will probably not only have initiative and surprise down in the leg area I want to maximize not only the damage but the surprise factor.  I want to interrupt their OODA loop and get them thinking about  what the heck just happened so they are momentarily mentally off-balance.  Then wham sweep, lock, throw, etc.  So my friend commented and said with being so aggressive aren’t you worried about your shins and the pain of the contact?  I said “no”!  I condition my shins so much that they hardly feel anything anymore!  So we talked about leg conditioning and I mentioned that I not only hit the heavy bag all the time but I slam my shins into the wooden dummy leg a lot.  Having the wooden dummy has been a god send to me on many levels.  It is always ready for a beating! 🙂

Wooden Dummy 2

So in our exchange we both came away with some thing.  I liked some of his high line movement so well and it fits nicely with what we do in IRT.   That is it can be a piece of the puzzle.  He liked what I had to offer on the low line and plans on incorporating this aggressive low line attacking into what he does with some slight modifications for his system.  Plus he plans on buying a wooden dummy ASAP!  Always pursue training with people from other systems.  Who knows you might just find some thing very useful.  Even if you do not you will make good friends!


Brian R. VanCise

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