The Way of the Warrior: Tai Chi, the Soft Way

Back Hand

Here is a video on  Taijiquan from the 1983 BBC series “The Way of the Warrior”.

Brian R. VanCise

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1 Response to The Way of the Warrior: Tai Chi, the Soft Way

  1. Tim says:

    Understanding this is an old video I have to say overall it is interesting, I liked it, and there is some good info. Also the applications looked good and I even learned one, the kick that breaks the arm, I have to say I have not seen that one before. Master Huang appears to be the real deal to, not the master of all Chinese martial arts (there is no such thing), but it does appear that he knows Long Fist, Taijiquan and Xingyiquan. And based on that I would not be surprised If he knew Baguazhang as well. I also noticed the Gis and belts which are generally seen in Japanese arts and not part of CMA. However this being Taipei (Taiwan) it does not really surprise me, there was some Japanese influence there and I have heard about the usage of belt ranks on Taiwan.

    But I believe there is a bit of Western Martial arts hero worship with a side of mysticism going on in this along with some bad translations as it applies to what the narrator is reading. Also there is also some lack of understanding of the Chinese Martial Arts and the culture around it as well, but being such an old film that does not really surprise me.

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