IRT Rattan Shop Is Open For Business!

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Okay, I used to sell rattan sticks to fellow practitioner’s, friends, etc.  However, it was always hit or miss with good suppliers.  Finally, I found a consistent supplier that can provide me with product in quantity at a price that makes it worthwhile to sell again.  Better than that I am able to take the rattan craft to the next level with fire hardening and lacquering.  The rattan sticks that I am selling are simply better than you will find from any competitor out on the market.  That I guarantee!  You will be happy!

One thing about rattan is that it is an excellent training stick due to the natural anti-vibrational properties and also that instead of shattering like a hardwood when they get worn out they fray which is an exceptional aspect for hard stick on stick or tire or bag training.

Here is our rattan workshop:


The following sticks are multi node sticks, fire hardened, lacquered and a few extra special steps.  They are exceptional sticks simply for the best practitioner’s in the world.  They are the same type of sticks that I personally use:


These are typically 1″ 1/4 at the gripping base but anywhere from 1′ to 1″ 1/4 at the top.  These typically feel more like a Filipino bolo and the bottom feels more like a bolo based on a slight curve at the bottom.  They are simply fantastic!   We sell 2 sticks for $30 plus a roll of Renfrew black hockey tape.  You will not be disappointed with these sticks!  They are in a totally different class than anything else on the market!

We will also be selling a slightly cheaper stick that is also fire-hardened and lacquered.  These sticks are  some of the best sticks you will find out there.  Take a look at these beauties:


I have seen similar quality sticks sold for 29 dollars.  These sticks are better than any of my competitors.  That is a fact!

These will are available in 28″ long and width can be ordered in 1″ and 1″ 1/8 or if you are simply a giant mountain man we have a few limited 26″ long and 1″ 1/4 sticks available as well.

28″ long and 1″ costs: $22 (pair)

28″ long and 1″ and 1/8 costs: $22 (pair)

Giant Mountain Man Sticks 26″ long and 1″ and 1/4 wide costs: $22 (pair)  Note these really are for giant people trust me you need really big hands and they are fire-hardened and lacquered!


If you want non fire-hardened sticks with natural skin we have those as well.  They are available in 28″ by 1″ or 28″ by 1″ and 1/8.  These are still some of the best sticks you will ever find as our supplier only sells the best rattan.  A pair of non fire-hardened sticks will run you $20.  Following is a pick of some fantastic natural skin rattan sticks:


All rattan sticks eventually start to fray and when that happens the professional martial practitioner tapes them up.  Personally I use renfrew hockey tape.  This tape initially is sticky but after a couple of practices it eventually turns into a perfect stick tape.  With every purchase of a pair of our sticks you also get 1 renfrew hockey tape.  Just like this picture:

Hockey tape

These sticks are simply great.  I am sure you won’t be disappointed!!!

Visit our IRT store and get your rattan sticks:  IRT Store

Brian R. VanCise

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Hi my name is Brian R. VanCise and my passion is the Martial Sciences. I have trained almost my entire life in the pursuit of martial excellence and I teach a world class curriculum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact us at: 702-326-3622
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2 Responses to IRT Rattan Shop Is Open For Business!

  1. says:

    Hello my Kali brother, I am looking for multi node sticks like the ones you sell for 30 dollars only I need them to be the same diameter on both sides, can you help me with that. can you make me a pair.

  2. Hello, vgorilla1 these sticks are pretty special. They feel and act more like a sword than a stick because of the way the bottoms are slightly wider and taper as they go up. (just a little bit) I can match two sticks up to the best of my ability so that they will be equal or close to the same diameter on both sides at the bottom and at the top. (but they will taper as they go up to the top) Trust me you won’t be disappointed in these sticks if you do choose to order. They are fantastic! If you choose to go with one of my other sticks I can make sure they are same diameter top to bottom. Still while those ones are great they are not as good as the multi node ones! Hope that helps in your decision and good luck in your training.

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