Nevada Knife Laws


Where ever you live you need to definitely understand the laws that your state has in place.  Understanding the laws for self-defense, knife use and or firearms is essential for a practitioner of the Martial Sciences.  Let’s take a look at the state I currently live in.  More specifically we will just look at knife laws.  The following websites give you a good idea on the knife laws in Nevada and should help you understand them enough to stay out of trouble.

Nevada Concealed Carry Knife Laws

Knife Up Magazine

Handgun Law

here is the Nevada statue:

Nevada – Crimes against public health and safety. 202.350.
1. It is unlawful for a person within this state to:
(a) Manufacture or cause to be manufactured, or import into
the state, or keep, offer or expose for sale, or give,
lend or possess any knife which is made an integral part
of a belt buckle or any instrument or weapon of the kind
commonly known as switchblade knife…
(b)… carry concealed upon his person any…
(2) Dirk, dagger or machete… [A 1995 amendment
substituted “machete” in this subsection for “dangerous
(4) Knife which is made an integral part of a belt
2. It is unlawful for a person to possess or use a:
(a) Nunchaku or trefoil with the intent to inflict harm
upon the person of another…
5. As used in this section…
(e) “Trefoil” means an instrument consisting of a metal
plate having three or more radiating points with sharp
edges, designed in the shape of a star, cross or other
geometric figure and used as a weapon for throwing.

Brian R. VanCise

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2 Responses to Nevada Knife Laws

  1. tgace says:

    What is the legal standard to prove “intent to inflict harm”? Here in NY they have a “nifty” little legal loophole that states mere possession is presumptive evidence to prove “intent to harm”. While it’s useful for an LEO like me because it gets me PC to arrest, an LEO lacking common sense and good judgement could make it a bad day for an otherwise law abiding citizen.

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey tgace,

    That of course may be a million dollar question. I’m not sure but I would wager it involves more than possession here in Nevada. I would expect it to be some type of exchange verbal or otherwise but I am not sure. I will however ask a local prosecutor I know on his perspective. Having moved to Nevada within the last four years my knowledge is okay but not like in Michigan where I had College on it, Police Academy and of course being a sworn officer. That law I new pretty well. Nevada law is still a learning process for me.

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