Positional Rolling



One of the things we do in IRT is called “Positional Rolling”.  What this involves is a grappling movement without submissions.  Typically we start with this in conjunction with technique training. (which includes submissions)  The idea in positional rolling is to relax and move.  You should not be trying to dominate or always maintain a dominant position but instead be relaxed and allow yourself to move not only into dominant positions like the mount, side mount, back, etc. but also into a neutral position like the guard or into inferior positions like being mounted, someone having your back, someone in the crossbody or side mount on you.  Since you are not looking for submissions and you’re not afraid to be in an inferior position you get nice, smooth, relaxed movement that allows you to explore.  Even though you are not trying to sink in a submission you certainly can look for the openings to a submission.  We start with this positional rolling first and then eventually move into submission rolling/grappling.  This allows a practitioner to have a great base, be relaxed and know and understand all the transitional defenses when you are in an inferior position.  Likewise it also helps with maintaining and keeping a superior position once you start submission rolling/grappling.  I have noticed since implementing this a long time ago that IRT practitioners are relaxed and smooth when rolling whether in positional rolling or rolling for submissions.  They work the right defenses when they are in an inferior position and they do not panic.  They easily transfer to submission rolling/grappling and have confidence.  This in my opinion is a lot better way than how I learned which was being thrown to the wolves and getting mercilessly beaten without the skills to get out of inferior positions or defend against submissions.  This has worked so well that when one IRT practitioner left because they moved away and they went training in other places they not only did excellent but in a couple of instances they tapped out their mma instructor.  When grappling be smooth, relaxed and know the submission defenses and how to get out of inferior positions.  Positional Rolling in IRT is a transitional skill development drill that allows us to be smooth and relaxed!


Brian R. VanCise

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