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It is so important to remember that as a teacher you can only teach effectively a physical science to so many people.  I have always preached that having a small enough class size that you can effectively teach the physical skills that we train in is very important.  I am not interested in having groups so large that I cannot correct mistakes or at least touch hands with people.  Recently this was more evident than ever.  Quite regularly I go to different Training Halls and train in a class or two to see what they are doing and how they teach, etc.  One class at a local Training Hall here in Las Vegas was packed with about thirty people. The instructor was teaching but really not able to correct people and make sure that they were doing the techniques right.  What I observed was a group of people training but not really understanding what they were doing.  Unfortunately I saw a lot of bad habits forming.  In a small group setting you as the instructor can get around and correct people enough that hopefully they will get the technique right.  They will learn.  In IRT we want our practitioner’s to understand what they are doing.  This is best conveyed in a one on one, semi-private or small group setting.  Sure we have seminars but even these are kept at levels that can be managed by the instructor.  Once your classes are too big the only one benefitting is the instructor.  So always remember that it is important to manage your class sizes.  That way they do not get to a point where you cannot correct practitioner’s enough so that they understand the material you are teaching!  This is really important! 

Quantity is never more important that quality!

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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