Do Your Job…..

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Do your job.  Whatever it is that you perform for work do it to the best of your ability.  There is no really good reason to do a poor job.  One thing that always amazed me in Japan is that it did not matter what job anyone was doing they worked very hard to make sure it was done right.  Some times in the United States I get exasperated seeing someone just eeking by and doing just enough not to get fired.  Worse yet is seeing someone fail miserably at what they are doing.  Why just the other day I was at an event with several people and I knew someone was carrying.   At a lot of Las Vegas events some times the security is tight and some times really lax.  Some times there is metal detectors, wands, etc. and some times there is nothing.  It can be really hit or miss.  Anyways we arrive and there is heavy security with metal detectors , wands, etc. and the gentleman I know is carrying walks through like it was nothing.  Interesting!!!  Later while at a local restaurant I say hey are you not carrying tonight?  “His reply well of course you know I am carrying.”  I say then how did you get through the security with the metal detectors and wands.  His reply, “well I used deception.  Basically I did not expect tight security and was surprised at it. Otherwise I would not have been carrying.   When the metal detector dinged me I showed them my pocket flashlight.  When it dinged again I showed them the metal buttons on my coat.  Then I walked through.  Wow!!!  Now, if my friend was caught he was legally okay to carry as he has a concealed license he just would have had to exit the private property and come back without his items.  Sure he would have been inconvenienced but that was it.  Still the point of this blog is just how easy it is to get through all but the tightest security if they are not doing their job.  If you are working in this field.  Please do your job!  Take extra time if some thing beeps, or doesn’t seem right.  Double check what you are doing and be extra careful so that you perform your duties well.  Take some pride in what you are doing!  Do not be deceived as we all count on you.  We all need to take pride in what we do and perform it to the best of our abilities.  When teaching the Martial Sciences I work hard at my craft and make sure I have my lesson plans down before I even step on the mats.  I have always had the approach that if I was going to do some thing I would do it to the best of my abilities.  I try to not take any short cuts in what I do but instead push hard to make sure I am training and teaching the right way!  Do your job right!  Take it even a step further in that everything you do try to do it to the best of your abilities.  Even the mundane tasks can be rewarding when done right!

Okay off the soap box for now!

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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3 Responses to Do Your Job…..

  1. Timi says:

    Many years ago my dad was an administrator at a hospital and he had a group of guys that simply were not interested in dong their job. I was with my dad in a store and he saw a sign he really wanted to buy and post in their area, but knew it would cause more trouble than it was worth.

    I tend to think about this sign a lot when I’m at work, especially when I am dealing with a gentleman who works for me….. and I use the term work loosely as it applies to him

    The sign
    “New incentive program….. Work, or get fired”

  2. It is not a hard concept Tim. Just do your job to the best of your ability. Pretty simple but some people just do not get it!

  3. Rich says:

    I love this post because it really struck a chord with me. I believe there is something very special to note here beyond the lackadaisical / inattentive employee(s). Please correct me if I am wrong, but I’d like to look at the flip-side to this story. I am amazed, and joyed, when I hear about good, law-abiding folks (carrying for the right reasons and legally) who are able to pass with almost complete impunity through checkpoints such as this, unscathed or otherwise unaffected. I have had a couple nail-biting encounters myself – one in particular was eerily similar to the one in this blog-post. After going through those experiences, I understood that regardless of your intentions / legal standing / character etc… not everyone can do what the individual above in this blog-post accomplished here and not everyone would have the intestinal fortitude to carry on when faced with what are seemingly insurmountable odds. There is definitely something special here. Thanks for the post!

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