One Simple Method Of Home Protection…..


Example Garage Door Opener

One simple method of home protection is to not leave any of your vehicles outside with a garage door opener in it.  If you leave your car outside and it has a garage door opener in it a criminal could easily break the window and use your garage door opener to walk right into your house.   When I exit my car I take the garage door opener with me.  Because I am not the most trusting person I also of course lock the garage door behind me and place a security bar on it.  Still I know so many people who leave their cars outside and also their garage door opener in their car and they also do not lock the garage door.  That is dangerous!  It really is simple to correct by just taking that garage door opener in with you when you exit the car.  Eliminate that potential security risk!  Make your home even safer!

Another possible danger with a garage door opener is that you are at work or shopping and you leave it in your car.  Criminal breaks in and steals it plus other things and heads to your house.  Which in some states is easily found out by looking at your insurance and vehicle registration. (other states are getting better about this)  Once in your house they can either burglarize your home or lay in wait for you.  Scary….

Bottom line is that both of the above situations can easily be taken care of by simply taking your garage door opener with you when you exit your vehicle!  It is really the little things in life that some times make us safer!

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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