Business Practices That Give Us All A Bad Name….

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The following news story came to my attention this morning through a friends facebook feed.  For anyone that teaches we provide a very valuable service.  However, no one should be performing business practices that are shady.

See the following story and comment on what you think:

Personally for me if someone does not want to train I do not want to teach them.  I am only interested in teaching people who want to be there.  I also find it deplorable to charge people after they have left for services not rendered.  Contracts are okay to a point when done with an ethical mind-set but…. are really wrong when there are exorbitant exit fees or Training Hall owners continue to charge after someone leaves.  Just my 02.

Brian R. VanCise

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2 Responses to Business Practices That Give Us All A Bad Name….

  1. stlcounterpoint says:

    Agreed. We don’t do contracts because they are just a mess. Plus, if someone isn’t interested in training but feel they have to show up because they paid, well, that’s a recipe for trouble when training with weapons.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Agreed, I just do not want people there who really do not want to be there. I want them interested, excited and paying attention to what they are doing and making sure they are safe and that their training partners are safe. Your probably not going to get people doing that if they do not want to be there!

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