Woman Assaulted With A Pipe After Boyfriend Fights…..

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This story courtesy of one of our IRT practitioner’s finding it and noting what he would do and passing it on to me!

Okay in this situation the boyfriend should have just realized he was outnumbered and should have just drove away in his car and gotten out of dodge.  If he would have just done that then his girlfriend would not have been permanently injured.

Here is the story:


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Brian R. VanCise

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2 Responses to Woman Assaulted With A Pipe After Boyfriend Fights…..

  1. Tim says:

    I fully agree, he should have just driven away, but I think walking away is a very hard lesson to learn, especially when you are young.

    I think I was very lucky, when I started down this martial science path, to have my Jujutsu Sensei. He was a 2nd degree black belt in Jujutsu as well as a black belt in Karate and a master fencer too. But he never told us stories of the guys he had problems with and beat up, he always told us about the confrontations he ran away from, because it was much better than hurting others of getting hurt yourself. That leaves an impression on a kid in their early teens, it sure did leave one on me, one I did not always follow in my youth, but one I regretted not following every time I forgot what Sensei said.

  2. Great story Tim and you were indeed blessed with an instructor who taught you well. You are also very, very right in that walking away is a very hard lesson to learn, especially when you are young. It is a lesson that even older people forget from time to time.

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