Leg Lock Defenses……


Here are a couple of very basic leg lock defenses that everyone should know. Note: there are slightly different ways to do these techniques shown in the videos ie. variations….

The first video shows a very, very basic leg lock defense from the ground. The big key point he glosses over is getting your foot flat which is the key to success.

The second video shows the basic of basic standing leg lock defense of the pull out and then second variation with the basic push/pull defense once on the ground.

Here are some really advanced counters to the inverted heel hook.

There are a lot more of course and one of my favorites is pushing down the other persons legs and scrunching them and then pulling out your leg.  Bottom line is you need to have some leg lock defenses in your arsenal just in case someone is ever trying to twist/break disable one of your legs! 😉

I will add more videos to this list as time goes on!

See You On The Mats!!!

Brian R. VanCise

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