The Danger Of Becoming Complacent…

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The danger of becoming complacent!  More and more I run into people in the Martial Sciences who have invested years of time into training and achieved a degree of skill only to see them not really continue to practice or improve.  They at one point got pretty good at their chosen art and then leveled off and stayed at that place for a while.  Of course after time and complacency they quite often regressed.  This is sad, pathetic really and to be avoided in your training!

You simply do not know everything or have achieved enough skill in all areas of combat.  Nobody has, not me, not you, not anybody!  There is always some thing out there to study as well as some teacher you could be learning from.  If you are a life long martial practitioner then you need to constantly be training and trying to improve your skill sets and your attributes.  Never, I repeat never think you have arrived!  Because, that is when complacency sets in and you could begin that downward spiral into mediocrity or even worse, ineffectiveness.

My goal, is always to keep learning.  Seeking out training anywhere I go and from anyone who is a reputable instructor that I can spend time with.  I try to learn every day and quite often I learn a lot and I mean a lot from my fellow IRT practitioner’s.  The training we do is a testing lab where variations come into play all the time.  Each and every time we train there is an opportunity to improve.  Seeking out other instructors is another opportunity as well as attending seminars that may give us a glimpse into how other people move in the Martial Sciences.  Bottom line you have to train and try to improve or you simply will not.  You will regress at some point.

Complacency sets in when someone feels that they have arrived or that their training is enough.  Avoid this, do not let it happen to you.  Train and improve where you can.  Work on your skills as well as your physical and mental attributes!  Always be a student!  Always try to learn more!

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Brian R. VanCise

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1 Response to The Danger Of Becoming Complacent…

  1. Tim says:

    How did I moss this?

    I have said for a very long time. the quickest way to stop improving is to start calling yourself a master.

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