Every Martial System……

Every martial system of note has a blueprint for success!  What do I mean by this?  They have theories and elements lined out on how they plan on being effective in a moment of violence.  Some may not list them, talk about them or even understand them but invariably they are there.  This blueprint is kind’ve like an electrical map with wires lining up in a row so that current is taken where it needs to go.  When practiced correctly the practitioner can put into play the theories and elements of their system and be effective.  When practiced incorrectly the wires do not line up and a practitioner will more than likely be utterly ineffective!  In IRT the blueprint is laid out and a practitioner who trains hard on average will have the wires in place in three years give or take on individual ability.  Once hard-wired the goal is for a practitioner to be able to go out and explore and be effective in Weapons, Kicking, Hand Striking, Trapping Hands and Joint Manipulation and grappling.  Staying with the electrical wire analogy once hard-wired a practitioner can then really begin to grow. (provided they practice with determination)  Just the other day  I had a new student take a private lesson with me.  He is a local instructor here in Las Vegas with his own Training Hall.  What he studies is irrelevant but it is a hard style like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, etc.  He has been doing this for a long time so he is hard-wired to his system but lately wishes to broaden out and experience more.  Hence why he came looking for me.  So we had our private lesson and like other practitioner’s who have come to me with experience before he struggled.  The movement is different, especially the foot work. and the outlook is different, especially the end goal.  So after our private he say’s to me, “This is hard but way cool!”  Now, his blue print in his current martial system is pretty much hard-wired in.  However, he is bored!  So he and I chatted afterwards and he wants to continue and experience more.  I explained that it will be challenging and difficult and he has to understand that!  I once had a seasoned practitioner come to me and experience the same thing and later he said those first three months he continuously thought about quitting.  Later, he became one of the finest practitioner’s I have ever met!  Bottom line the hard wiring was difficult for him to work with.  Yet, in the end he over came it and created some thing new and more enjoyable for himself!  Know going in to a martial system that hard wiring happens so have it in your mind that this is some thing you wish to pursue!  When I created IRT it was with the idea that once you were “hard-wired” so to speak you could explore the Martial Sciences at a level with no absolutes – no limitations.  Meaning you would have the ability to function and explore and create on a mental, physical and spiritual level!  On  the base physical level the skill sets would allow you to work in Weapons/tools, kicking, hand striking, trapping hands and joint manipulation and grappling.  With the blue print and hard wiring you would be able to practice not only IRT but really any martial system you were interested in at your own pace!  That is some thing that personally I think is a legacy of IRT training.  A “hard-wired” system that allows you to grow in any direction!  But……. it ain’t easy!  I never said it would be!!!

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Brian R. VanCise

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Hi my name is Brian R. VanCise and my passion is the Martial Sciences. I have trained almost my entire life in the pursuit of martial excellence and I teach a world class curriculum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact us at: 702-326-3622
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3 Responses to Every Martial System……

  1. Tim says:

    Agree, I run into this every single time I start to seriously train Wing Chun. Absolutely everything I do is either Taijiquan or Xingyiquan when it comes to application. But I am working to overcome that because I see benefit in doing so as it applies to my training and I also see the possibility of a better understanding of Wing Chun enhancing my understanding of Taijiquan and Xingyiquan.
    I was once lucky enough to get a little training in the Sanda/Sanshou that is used by the Police and Military of China I surprisingly saw little physical conflict in application and training with my previous training. My Taiji and Xingyi background seemed to compliment Sanda training. However there was a philosophical conflict that was much easier to overcome. You see in Xingyi and Taiji you are working with the internal and using Qi and in Sanda they are absolutely not using Qi (per my sifu). But once you get past the semantics of it you realize they are talking about the same thing just using different words. That understanding helped my Taiji and Xingyi.

    I like that you put in that a martial art when practiced correctly the practitioner can put into play the theories and elements of their system and be effective. Because so many today judge Martial Arts by what they see on YouTube without any background info about the practitioners or the art they are practicing. Train it right and it works just fine, but sadly I am of the opinion that many today do not practice correctly and the wires do not line up and the practitioner ends up utterly ineffective. But I will add that the practitioner may not realize it at all. They have either never had the opportunity to test their skill (in a controlled environment, I am not advocating going out and getting into a fight) or they have listened to the propaganda their teacher has fed them in order to get more money out of them.

    And you are absolutely right, it ain’t easy… and I for one am glad it is not.

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Great comment Tim!


    That training correctly is the important part!

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