The Danger Of……

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The danger of being lazy……  When you regularly train some times your body will need a rest.  That is normal.  Yet, after a day or so you probably should get back to your training.  All to often I have seen one person stop training for a few day’s and then slowly it becomes weeks, months, years.  Literally, I know people who love to practice the martial ways get out of a training routine and slowly no longer train.  What is really sad is that martial skills diminish rapidly if you do not train regularly.  In order to keep the skills you have worked hard for you need to continue to train.  In order to improve your skill sets you need to train probably even more.  Everyone, has moments when they might take a day or two off.  As I mentioned before that is normal.  Just make sure you get back into your routine and continue your training regimen.  Do this and the martial ways will always be a part of you and you will reap the benefits that they provide!

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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